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Apply a professional fiber-glass splint in 2 minutes.
Zero hassle. Zero waste.

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WELCOME TO ReadySplints

ReadySplints allow the application of a professional fiberglass splint in the most precise, efficient, and cost effective manner possible. There is no measuring, cutting, or waste. There is no hassle trying to locate materials. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. Just choose the kit for your application and you're ready to go. From the operating room to the emergency room, from the battlefield to the football field, ReadySplints provide everything you need to apply the perfect splint anytime. Its so easy you can even do it at home!

Dual Notched Pouch

Splint pouches are notched at the corner to allow easy entry for water and horizontally for easy removal of one or both splints.

Sewn Cottonoid Padding

There are no sharp fiberglass edges, no need for gloves.

Water Available

Kits come both with and without water for fiberglass activation.

Why ReadySplints Saves Time and Money

Let ReadySplints take the hassle out of splinting!

Urgent Care

Family Practice

First Responders

Operating Room

Orthopedic Practice

Home Use

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