About Us

ReadySplints were invented by a board certified fellowship trained orthopedic surgeon for two reasons. Firstly, he was charged with the care of horrific complications associated with injuries not splinted properly or not splinted at all including bleeding, swelling, compartment syndrome, and infection, leading to delayed surgery, transfusions, external fixation, fasciectomy, amputation, and even death. In addition to terrible patient care, the subsequent care costs of not splinting were often increased ten fold. 

Secondly, from the first time this doctor applied a splint to the last (over a 30 year career) it was a hassle! No wonder splinting was underutilized! The technology had not changed in 30 years. Fiberglass splints had to be cut with special scissors from continuous rolls of variable width, the residual roll would often harden being exposed to air, it was impossible to keep track of inventory, and one had to find appropriate size and number elastic bandages to complete the task. AND the staff had to be trained over and over how to apply the splint properly.

Why not give all materials to the applicator including the "know how" and let them get to work? ReadySplints were born. Professional fiberglass splint application in 2 minutes. Zero hassle. Zero waste. From the surgeon to the primary care physician, from the first responder to the athletic trainer, from the battlefield medic, even to the consumer, now anyone can apply a splint. It is the most powerful and cost effective first aid tool known to man.